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Posted in web on February 20, 2009 by Bartosz Radaczyński

Hooray! Today I got to 1k of stackoverflow rep 🙂 I guess that I am not a very active user, since it took me 6 months but still, it is something to be proud of (although most os the rep comes from like one answer that linked to the python docs….). At the same time, I am looking for a job, if you read this and have something that might be of an interest, drop a comment or send me an email (you will get the address somehow, I am sure).


Making Gmail a default mailto handler in firefox

Posted in web with tags , on January 29, 2009 by Bartosz Radaczyński

Even though there are some recipies for that in the network (notably this one and this), there seem to be issues with both of these solutions. The first one is almost fine, though the new message gmail screen has the address typed in as mailto:email_address (the mailto: is there even though it should not be). So, actually the way to make it work correctly (at least on my ubuntu box) is to paste the following code in the address bar of the gmail tab:


and agree for Gmail to handle the mailto urls. Cool!

The perfect browser

Posted in web with tags , on January 27, 2009 by Bartosz Radaczyński

Boy, are there many browsers out there. I’ve tried a lot, with all the different versions and all that. But here’s what it boils down to: neither is perfect. OK, granted the closest one would still be firefox, but after seeing chrome boot up twice as fast on the same machine and opera even faster, I’ve gotta tell you, this one is also flawed, and big time that is… But it seems, that (no including IE) every browser that I looked had some nice features. I love firefox’ extensions, Opera’s speed dial, Chrome for it’s ability to save the screen space and for its speed, Safari for a nice user interface and speed, Konqueror for integrating with my KDE (session saving when shutting down the computer). Will there ever be a perfect browser for me? Well, right now it’s still firefox, but some of the ideas from other browsers I has to import through extensions. But still, this KDE integration bothers me a little…

Heres’s a list of my currently used Firefox extensions (see, how many I have to use to get the browser to suit my needs?):

  • Adblock plus
  • Auto dial
  • download Statusbar
  • gmarks
  • locationbar
  • personal menu
  • tab mix plus
  • add’n’edit cookies
  • firebug

I specifically love the gmarks, personal menu and download statustbar for space-saving (uninstalled the google toolbar, removed menu and statusbars and now I have a lot larger viewport, though still smaller than in chrome). Hope that chrome for linux is coming out soon, but I would just love to see Firefox’s new javascript engine being even faster than chrome’s. It seems to me that chrome’s appearance has sped up the development of browsers and I’m just wondering how long Google is going to support financially two browsers (chrome and firefox), and what will come out of that. At the same time, if Konqueror’s also switching to Webkit as the default rendering engine, will Gmail and other google apps work flawlessly in Konqueror, finally?