Getting unxutils’ sort to work on Win

As much as I love the unxutils’ stuff (really, learning a whole lot of new stuff from Win is a little bit too much for me), the sort always displays this bloody error message that drives me nuts:

sort: read error: Not enough space

This happens when you have not given it any input! What a maningful error message right? Wait, it gets better:

sort: /tmp/sort0188000000: No such file or directory

This happens when you do not set the TMPDIR variable. Set it properly and you are good to go.


One Response to “Getting unxutils’ sort to work on Win”

  1. not_needed Says:

    Random stranger note: Thank you for posting this! You saved me a lot of time.

    Sort is now busy working away on about 16GB worth of 2GB+ text files.(server logs) I thought it was choking on filesize until I read your post.

    So from one random human stranger to another, thank you!

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